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Be welcome on my page! Biokwekerij Aldo van Os

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Biokwekerij Aldo van Os

Hi, I’m Aldo van Os, nice to meet you!

Already back in 1994 I’ve started with organics.

First worked at other companies, but in 2011 I’ve bought a company of my own.

I always had the desire to own a glasshouse, so 7 years ago I decided to go for it!

Our glasshouse is 2,5 hectares.

I’m an organic grower and always aiming for a healthy and good quality product!

I find it very important to grow honest and healthy products and by doing this

contributing to a better planet as well!

For many years I grow organic tomatoes and bell peppers.

Our company is in Ijsselmuiden, a very nice area surrounded by other glasshouses .

My experience with ZANN is very good, friendly people, always open for discussion and

always receive good input.

The thing I like most about my job is to see my vital crop full of energy!