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Welcome on my page! David Luijendijk

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Hello I am David Luijendijk.

Since 2007 I grow too much different organic crops in Roelofarendsveen. It is a farm has 14000meter open field crops and we also have 3000meter of cold glasshouse.
I started growing organic since 1999, in my first years I learned a lot about the different crops, soil, weeding and selling. In 2007 I started my own company first rented the place and in 2013 I bought it. Since 2017 I work biodynamic and in 2018 I will be certified Demeter.

I really like growing organic and growing is more varied than growing in conventional. We also have our own shop at the farm. In front of the shop we have a small kitchen garden where we grow 30 different vegetables and herbs on a small scale for the shop. I really like the diversity and the small scale of working. We work really hard in summertime and we have a calm time in winter. But what I like the most is growing a product where I can be proud of.

My company is located in a quite piece of land in the Randstad in Holland, in a nice sping day you can see the Veender windmill in the polder.

It is really nice working with Zann. There is a mutual trust they pay fast and I know they will always do their utmost trying to sell all of my products. They communication lines are short that makes it really pleasant to work with them.