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Welcome on our page! Joos en Marien Poppe

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Hi, we are Marien and Joost Poppe,

Nice you are visiting our page!. We will tell you something about our family company..

Grandfather started the farm in Zeeland,went after this to the Maasvlakte and finally ended in de Polder. In 1975 our father took over and since 2007 we, brothers Marien en Joos, own the company.

Our farm is 200ha big.

In 2003 we started organic. Organic had and has the future. It is important to keep the soil fertile.

Organic farming is good for the soil. Our soil is the foundation for healthy good products. By growing organics we can handle a wide growplan which has a positive effect on the condition of the soil. By varyieting the products and choosing for an optimized fertilization with compost and organic manure Poppe keeps the soil in topcondition.

We grow carrots, seedpotatoes, chicory pens, red and yellow onions.

At this organic farm we work with a lot of pleasure and passion to grow beautiful and healthy crops: pure, firm, simple and organic.

We are doing business for years with ZANN. Our experience is a flexible and pleasant cooperation.

Poppe = Teamwork!

For weeding we use several machines like a brander, a harrow and a hoe. We work with an enthusiastic team, in the summer about 25 people help weeding. Together with all these involved people we make Poppe Landbouw a success!