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Welcome on my page! Rene Dingemanse

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HI, I am Rene Dingemanse.

Our farm is around 120 years old, it is a small farm of 14 hectares. In 2001 we started living on the farm and we converted this piece of land into organic.
We also have another piece of land in Vlissingen were we started organic already in 1998. Before I converted to organic I already started to grower environmentally friendly but this was not really satisfying. The use of artificial fertilizer and pesticides was something that was opposing me more and more every day, and the extra effort this took was not seen in the price. So after a short while it was a small step to convert into organic.

I am growing mainly Red beets, celeriac, pumpkins, swedes, green celery, cauliflower and leeks. I really love being a grower, the outdoor life, the growing of the vegetables, with my hands in the soil. Every season is a new challenge

Our company is surrounded by agricultural companies and close to a lovely little village called Biggekerke. This is only 1500Meter from the sea and just around the corner of the forest of Biggekerke. On the other side you can see the city of Middelburg just 8km ahead. You can tell that we are grower in a beautiful surrounding

With Zann we have a we have a special connection, often serious but also pretty pleasantly disturbed. We have a lot of fun together and been doing good business for many years.

I would like to take this opportunity also to invite you to our beautiful minicamping. We have 15 beautiful sites to set up your tent or camper. Please have a look at and do not forget your tent!