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BIO-Center ZANN is a family business.

Walter Rog (Father) has started the business in 1977 and for the last 10 years daughters Astrid and Ingrid have been in charge. Together with an enthusiastic team the company has grown into an important, loyal and cheeky player in the market.

At ZANN things are always slightly different, because we understand that at the end of the day all parties should be happy. Which means the whole chain, from grower to customer, should feel like a winner in the end. And besides the commercial side of it all we also should have a bit of fun during this challenging process!

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ZANN is located in Berkel & Rodenrijs and has  about 20 permanent employees. Plants such as peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are the heart of the company. ZANN is therefore committed to the Holland product.

But of course we have the entire range. In order to be able to supply all year and since some products simply do not grow in the Netherlands, we use our worldwide network of own growers. Such as ginger from Peru, apples from Chile, sweet potatoes from Israel.

See here an overview of our assortment.

We are increasingly replacing plastic packaging with fun hip cardboard packaging that we have developed ourselves. Better for the eye, better for the environment!

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